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PAÑPURI Organic Packages

For true pampering that transcends the body and touches the soul, PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA has carefully selected balanced treatment combinations to allow you to experience true rejuvenation. While a massage has become common, a truly exceptional bliss-evoking spa experience is still within the reach of an exclusive few. Our combinations thoughtfully draw on our exclusive organic infused oils and treatments to deliver a thorough and pampering experience.


PAÑPURI also gives our discerning clientele the flexibility to choose Thai and Oriental inspired therapy combinations in consultation with our expertly trained therapists to create a unique journey to ensure that you reach your desired destination.


For corporate and executive leaders, we also offer individually designed combinations to address the specific needs of today‘s business people. Awaken your senses and feel energized once again as you indulge yourself in our truly exclusive therapies designed to relieve stress and tension and to leave you rejuvenated and ready once again to take on the world.

PAÑPURI Organic Packages