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PAÑPURI Organic Massages

A PAÑPURI Organic Massage is a deeply relaxing ritual which leaves your body and spirit renewed and revitalized. Using our special pure organic blended oils, your skin will feel smooth, soft and richly moisturized. Select a treatment from one of our unique Thai and Oriental inspired massage therapies.


Let your senses explore our selection of the purest, exotic aromas of Jasmine, Lemongrass, Vetiver, Rose and Geranium. Ancient healing and modern therapies work in synergy to restore your natural balance.


In consultation with our knowledgeable therapists, discover the most suitable treatment to tailor the experience to your needs and preferences. We wish to make your journey memorable and to ensure that you reach your destination feeling totally fulfilled. Enjoy one of our special blends of organic teas while you peacefully reflect on your complete and harmonized state of wellbeing.

PAÑPURI Organic Massages