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E&O Gallery

The E&O Gallery is a unique project put together by the hotel and Think City Sdn Bhd which manages the George Town Grants Programme.


Housed at the Victory Annexe, the aim of the Gallery is to develop an ‘experiential’ narrative of Penang’s rich history via the hotel’s own experiences stretching back a century and a quarter. The intention is to relate the story of Penang – its history as well as social and cultural milestones – as seen through the eyes of the E&O Hotel.


To achieve this, we would like to invite all visitors and guests – local and foreign – who have a shared experience with the E&O to help us with objects, artefacts and personal anecdotes that have played a role in the life of Penang and the hotel.


Your contribution need not have any monetary value but may have some cultural, social or historical value in the telling of the island’s rich story.


By adding your mementos, stories and recollections to ours, we will be helping to preserve the heritage and historical record of this magical island; a heritage the E&O Hotel is very proud to be part of.


Items and objects displayed at the Gallery are on loan to the hotel for a fixed period as part of the exhibits.