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Vibrant Hues Of Deepavali Greet Guests At Hotel

Penang, 17 October 2017 – There was clearly an air of festivity at the Eastern & Oriental (E&O) Hotel as guests were welcomed by two multi-hued kolam at the Heritage Wing and Victory Annexe lobbies.
Ten staff members from different religious backgrounds worked on the kolam by tracing the design outlines grain by grain before filling it with meticulous care.
After hours of painstaking effort and sheer patience, the two intricate hand-crafted floral motifs made of 50kg coloured rice were ready to greet hotel guests. 
E&O Berhad group hospitality and lifestyle director Micheal Saxon said kolam-making was an annual affair carried out by the hotel workforce. 
“Malaysia is a multicultural nation. We decided to make this Indian folk art an annual practice at the E&O as it is an excellent opportunity to share the beauty and uniqueness of the country’s cultures with our hotel guests from all over the world.
“It is our hope that when they return to their home country, they can then share it with their families and friends back home.  
“This practice also helps instill unity among our staff as they work hand-in-hand in completing the kolams,” he said. 
The kolam is believed to invite the Goddess of prosperity and wealth Lakshmi and herald good luck to one’s family.