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E&O Hotel Promotes Health Awareness Among Employees

Penang, 31 May 2017 – In its effort to encourage healthier lifestyles and reinforce the importance of optimal health among its workforce, Eastern & Oriental Hotel (E&O Hotel) recently organised a Health Awareness Drive for employees, comprising free health tests, a blood donation and a health talk at its premises.

The full-day event started with health screenings and consultation sessions for employees, aimed at helping them understand their current state of health. Through the health screenings, employees were provided with pre-emptive measures that could be taken to enhance their overall health. Employees also participated in the blood donation drive after the consultation sessions. 

Dr. Dicky Ng, Penang Adventist Hospital Occupational Health Doctor, then shared with the employees the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, offering valuable tips on how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle with his talk entitled “Work Place Healthy Lifestyle”.

Dr Ng stressed that despite long working hours, a healthy lifestyle is not an impossible feat. Simple, achievable habits like consuming more plant-based food instead of processed food and exercise routines such as setting a minimum goal of walking 5,000 steps a day, can make a positive difference.

Heartened at the response of the Health Awareness Drive, E&O Hotel communications and public relations manager Eileen Chong said, “We recognise the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst employees so they can enjoy fit and healthy lives, both at work and at home. By incorporating these healthier habits, they too can improve their capacity to work safely and effectively.”