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Health Awareness Talk And Blood Donation At Cornwallis Suite, E&O Hotel

Penang, 24 February 2016 – A Health Awareness Talk and Blood Donation Campaign was held at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel’s Cornwallis suite. It was organized by the hotel’s Human Resources Department for employees in order to promote healthy living as well as contributing socially towards a caring society. Employees of E&O Hotel attended the health talk and donated blood in response to the need to replenish blood reserves for ailing people who are undertaking the long-term treatments.

The blood donation campaign started from 10am. Hotel employees who stepped forward did so knowing that the hospital blood reserves were low. As a token of appreciation, light refreshment and gifts were given to the employees after they have donated blood.

A Health Awareness Talk entitled “Related To Healthy Lifestyle” from 3pm to 4pm followed next. It was presented by Dr. Yen Ang, a lifestyle intervention consultant from Penang Adventist Hospital with 15 years of working experience in the fitness/wellness field, ranging from managing gym and fitness centers to corporate wellness programmes.

In her talk, Dr. Yen Ang highlighted the importance of lifestyle intervention which can help to save thousands of lives from the chronic diseases, for instance obesity, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. 

All in, the Health Awareness Talk and Blood Donation Campaign was well received by the hotel employees. Eileen Chong, PR Manager of E&O Hotel said, “The talk on lifestyle intervention in our life to approach diseases was enlightening – it boosted our knowledge on the concept of holistic health.” She adds, “We are also proud of our team who readily donated blood to help the people who are in need.”